About us

Hi, we are Bram&EllaWe are two young lovers on a mission to do more. After we got our own creative studio in Antwerp, we have spend a substantial time creating together.
Bram Vanhaeren Bram Vanhaeren
I fell in love with Ella over pizza. Tricked her into moving to Antwerp and eventually got her into painting. She had no idea she was part of my masterplan!
Ella De Maitre
Ella De Maître
I love to eat pizza (fast)! Got kidnapped by Bram in Ghent. Was pressured to play with acrylics... I still have no idea what's going on? But painting makes me happy! 
After a few months, friends and family saw our pile of work grow and inspired us to do something with all of this. With many friends finding and decorating their first homes, we loved to help and add some colours to their decoration.
We came up with the idea to rent our work for a small fee. This way you save some money on decoration and are able to adjust your home whenever you want. We all know how we love to change our decoration with some new pillows, plants, ... a new artwork on the wall.